Rosslyn Building Systems is a true team of engineers, designers and
fabrication experts who have delivered countless industrial buildings
to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries worldwide. We have
delivered buildings to meet a diverse range of manufacturing and
service applications around the world.

Each Rosslyn Building Systems design is custom-tailored to your
manufacturing and material handling needs. Our engineering quality is
delivered with every building, ensuring accurate installation and safe
operation of overhead cranes as well as a floor plan layout designed
to optimize your processes.


Rosslyn Building Systems has delivered a wide range of buildings for
school and institutional applications. Our sales and engineering staff
are experienced in the details of exterior masonry, interior fitting, and
building code requirements. We can also deliver primary and
secondary framing members - custom-fabricated at a lower cost -
that best meet your load and finish-out requirements.


Our standard 40'x60'x12' package has been proven in a wide range of
service applications to meet the needs of general contractors as well
as direct customers. All structural members are pre-manufactured for
precise fit and erection with minimal labor.
Plus, our experienced customer consultants can deliver the answers
you may need to ensure quick construction and finish-out of your

Commercial/ Retail

Regardless of what you sell, service or display, Rosslyn Building
Systems has met needs like yours before. We can help you design a
building to best accommodate your office, work space and material
flow requirements. Ask your Rosslyn Building Systems representative
to discuss success stories on designs similar to your requirements.
Designing Quality and Delivering
Excellence In Metal Buildings
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