With over thirty years of expertise in the metal building industry, the Rosslyn Building Systems team
has continually produced not only a distinct quality in our Pre-Engineered Steel Building Product Line
but a reputation of absolute customer satisfaction that is unrivaled in our field.

Rosslyn Building Systems, Inc. continues to expand and diversify the modern Pre-Engineered metal
building by offering a variety of products all precisely tailored to fit our client's needs from Industrial,
Commercial/Retail, Institutional Applications, or Standard packages. Our team of experts will ensure
only the best service.
- First rate customer service and unparalleled client relationships.
- Faster more accurate Project Completion than our competitors.
- A respected and loyal name in the industry delivering top quality.
Let a Rosslyn team member get you started on your Pre-Engineered metal building today by contacting
us at (832) 467-4409 or by emailing one of our team members found on our Contacts page. And let us
show you how we stand out from the competition by Designing Quality and Delivering Excellence in
Metal Buildings.
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Designing Quality and Delivering
Excellence In Metal Buildings
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Welcome to Rosslyn Building Systems, Inc.
Why Choose Rosslyn?
Here at Rosslyn Building Systems, Inc. we exceed the expectations of our clients by ensuring an
experience found nowhere else with a team of engineers, designers, and fabrication experts unlike any
company in the field: